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Karen Krueger is a Reiki Master, and certified Equine Body Worker through Equinology, as well as certified in Equine Cranio Sacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute. Karen’s background includes being a Quantum Touch practitioner, Chinese Energetic Medicine, and dowsing practitioner. Karen combines her knowledge and expertise in all these areas to provide the best possible assistance for her clients.

Karen specializes in helping pet owners to learn and understand the practice of Reiki and the healing energy and benefits of Reiki.  Karen loves animals of all kinds and has had experience using energy healing for all types of animals and pets.

What Is Reiki For Animals and Pets?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that Dr. Usui discovered during a 21 day meditation retreat in the late 1800′s.  Dr. Usui discovered the symbols used to “turn on” Reiki and started using Reiki on people.  After seeing the amazing results of using Reiki, he started teaching others how to used Reiki too.  In the original Reiki training methods, Reiki for animals was not mentioned or specifically talked about.

But eventually very astute Reiki teachers and masters started incorporating pet and animal Reiki into their training.  Reiki for animals is a very simple technique and can be easily given to any type of animal or pet by an attuned or trained Reiki Practitioner.

When Karen started her journey with Reiki in 1997, Reiki was not widely recognized.  She had a horse that needed help with his back and knee, and she started using the Reiki on her first horse Obie.  Obie was an exceptional patient and teacher. He responded so quickly and Karen immediately realized this is something powerful.

After being attuned to Master level, she started a healing business as Reiki for Horses, but then realized that dogs, cats, and birds need healing too!  So with some willing candidates to explore this idea, she quickly saw the benefits that Reiki had for pets too.  But sometimes it took the owner a little longer to realize what was happening.

Where Does The Reiki Energy Come From?

Once a practitioner is attuned to using the Reiki energy, they are taught that they are only a channel for the Reiki energy.  The Reiki energy is not something that comes “from” us…it in fact comes through us.  Visualize a pipe that has energy flowing down through the top of the head, and energy flowing up through the bottom of the feet and then flowing out through the hands.  This energy flows through us and comes from “source”, “God(dess)”, “Universe”, “All That Is”, or from wherever you believe unconditional love and healing would come from, that is how it is channeled and directed to the person or pet in need.Reiki for dogs

Reiki is not a religion, or a cult.  It is only a way to tap into the unconditional Love that God gives us all as individuals.  Anyone can be a channel for the Reiki energy.  It is not only for a select few, or for people who have been “gifted” with special powers.  Everyone has the ability to send and receive the Reiki energy.

How Hard Is It To Get Reiki For My Pet?

Reiki is not hard to learn, and it is not hard to get.  Many Reiki practitioners love giving and receiving Reiki as a way of sharing with each other. As a Reiki Master, Karen does advise people that are interested in being attuned for Reiki, to really learn the Reiki symbols.  If you are at all hesitant about what Reiki is, and if you doubt your abilities to be a channel for Reiki, then learning the symbol names, and how to draw them, will help you with connecting to the energy.Reiki Grid Karen Krueger

The Reiki Symbols were considered to be sacred, and were not to be shared publicly, but there were a few Renegade Reiki Masters that shared the symbols and came under attack by other masters.  One master in particular Diane Stein has come under fire for sharing the symbols and training in her Essential Reiki Book.  But she basically paved the way for sharing the Reiki knowledge with the public and allowed it to go mainstream. In fact Karen uses Diane Stein’s book as part of her ongoing training.

Is Reiki for Dogs, Cats, Horses or Pets Different than For People?

What is ReikiReiki for pets is identical to Reiki for people.  Many practitioners use different methods for sending Reiki.  It really comes down to the wanting and desire to share unconditional love for another. Hand positions that are taught for people, can also be used for dogs, cats and horses.  Starting with the head, and moving down through the body.  Karen always places her hands where you she thinks the animal or pet wants to start.  Many times the animal will actually place themselves in a position that will be easy for the practitioner to touch.  Sometimes they will put their head in your hands, or will lay on you so that their whole body will benefit from the radiating Reiki.  In fact Karen has experienced times when pets are nearby, will also respond to the Reiki energy without actually being touched.

How Is Reiki Sent Remotely or Long Distance?

Reiki energy is sent long distance through thought or sending Reiki thoughts.  Just like radio signals are sent through the air just waiting for a radio to tune into the signals, that is they way Reiki works too.  Wave your hand, and you are waving it through energy signals whether it’s radio, or bluetooth, or satellite signals, they are always in the air.  That is the way Reiki is too.  But the Reiki practitioner is the tuner and the transmitter.  The Reiki recipient is the receiver.  There isn’t any need for electronic devices, because are brains and our body’s are the electrical systems that send and receive these signals.  Accessing the Reiki energy can be as quick as thinking a thought..just the word “Reiki” can connect you with the healing frequency.  It is not necessary to meditate, or go into a trance, to access this powerful and amazing energy.  Just being open to receiving it, is all it takes.

For animals and pets, they are always open to receiving this loving healing energy.  You might ask, if it is God given, then why aren’t we always getting the energy?  As Karen explains, it is always at our disposal, but many times we don’t know how to truly access it.  Sometimes when we are in the middle of an emergency or healing crisis, we forget that we have the ability to ask or pray for health.  And that’s okay.  That’s what humans are here for, to help each other through our process of living, and finding waves

The Benefits of Reiki Healing:

- Reduces stress and trauma from injuries or abuse

- Heal past relationships and emotional distress

- Speeds healing from surgeries or injuries

- Assists the body with healing

- Boosts the immune system to make recovery from disease or illness faster

Are There Any Side Effects of Reiki?

Sometimes the pet or animal may become very relaxed and may sleep a lot during the first day of the Reiki session.  They might drink a lot of water to flush toxins that the Reiki energy helps them to release.  You might experience them being more loving and attentive after the session since they might have released negative thoughts or memories of past abuse.  There should not be any negative side effects, however if your pet is very sick, never hesitate to take them to vet for immediate care and diagnosis.  Karen’s healing abilities should never be used in place of medical care or treatment. Karen never diagnosis’ or gives medical advice.

We hope this has answered some of your questions…

Listed below are some resources for helping you with helping your pet:

Karen Krueger, Reiki for Pets, Dogs, Horses and Animals Long Distance Call: (949)525-2488 or Karen(at) Payment accepted at the time of service – All credit cards are accepted.

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Please Note: Reiki is not a substitute for Medical Care and Advice. If your pet is very sick or has been injured please seek immediate medical attention and care.  Karen’s Reiki healing can assist in the acute trauma healing and can complement the medical care your pet is receiving.

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