Do Long Distant Reiki Attunements Work?

You have probably searched the internet looking for more information about Reiki Attunements and want to learn more about how to learn the three levels of Reiki. There are many devout Reiki Masters that believe it is not possible to attune anyone to Reiki without being present to physically transfer the symbols to the initiate. In this article I am going to go through three definite reasons why long distant attunements work!

My first belief that long distance attunements are just as effective remotely as they are in person is because energy is energy. Any Reiki Master that has been practicing Reiki for any length of time has experienced the effects of long distance healing. As fast as you think a thought, the intention has been set and sent.

Inanimate objects can be attuned to Reiki healing. For instance, a crystal or pendulum can be attuned to Reiki healing energy. If an object can be attuned to Reiki without the belief system of whether or not Reiki attunements can be sent long distance or not, then why can’t they be sent to an initiate long distance? The initiate is tuned in, waiting to receive the Reiki symbols whether it is in person or long distance.

Our thoughts are like radio signals. As easy as it is to turn on a radio and listen to music that moves your soul, and raises emotion within you, so can a Reiki attunement done through thought and intention. Radio signals don’t have any other means of traveling other than through emissions of signals, that are received at the other end by a “receiver”. The same is true for Reiki Attunements. They are sent through mental signals that are received by the initiate through their innate ability to receive telepathic messages.

We are receiving messages all day long. Whether consciously or subconsciously. The more you use Reiki and learn to tune in and fine tune your transmitter and receiver, the more in tune you become. Your intuitive abilities start to become sharper to the point of surprising you when you think of someone, and the next thing you know, they are calling or emailing you.

I hope this helps clarify whether long distant Reiki attunements can really be done effectively, and my belief is a strong yes! If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, make sure to sign up for my FREE Guide to Using Reiki Healing.

Many Reiki blessings,

Karen Krueger

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