How To Use A Pendulum – Beginners Guide

how to use a pendulumHave you been experimenting with a pendulum and keep getting conflicting answers?  I used to have the same problem and thought for the longest time that my pendulum was broken!  Just kidding, but I stopped using my pendulum for a long time until I sat down and really studied what dowsing was all about.

First of all, dowsing is never 100% accurate.  Never completely rely on your answers because there can be many outside influences that can sway our answers.  It can be as simple as asking the question without be specific or not getting permission first.   I use dowsing as a guide or an additional tool to my healing work.

Step one – Buying your pendulum or making one

Many metaphysical stores or even health stores will sell pendulums.  They come in a variety of styles, either stones or heavy brass.  Different stones have different types of healing properties.  The most common healing stones are amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz.  There are other stones too, but these seem to be the most common.

You can also make a pendulum using a band ring with a piece of string, or a special necklace that you can always wear.  Anything can be used as a pendulum if it swings evenly.

Step Two – Clearing Your Pendulum

Everything is made of energy.  Even inanimate objects vibrate at a certain level.  And even things that don’t appear to be “alive” can absorb negativity.  Knowing this, then a pendulum that has been hanging in a store with many people handling it and using it,  it could have been imprinted with these other energies.

To clear your pendulum you simply hold it in your hand, and ask that the pendulum you are holding be cleared of any non-beneficial or negative energies from the past into the future.

Keep your pendulum with you all the time to help it align with your energy field.

Step 3 – Holding Your Pendulum

I suggest holding the pendulum with only a 3″ length of chain.  A heavier type of pendulum with a shorter chain will respond much quicker.  Try getting your pendulum swinging in the neutral position before asking your question.

Hold the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger.  Try not to rest your arm on a solid surface or cross your legs.  Blocking the energy can skew your answers.

When I first got started using a pendulum I bought this book: Pendulum Power can be purchased from Amazon.  It is not only a beginners guide, but goes into the history of dowsing, how to get started, and then delves into deeper and more advanced levels of dowsing.  The authors give examples of dowsing, and how to use it to find the right job, map dowsing, and much more.

What it took for me to get proficient at dowsing, is trusting the system and getting my head out of it.  If you already think you know the answer it can skew your results.  It is a matter of getting yourself into the alpha state of a meditative feeling and just allow the answers to come through you.

Many people using dowsing as an integral part of their everyday life.  It also helps to have a friend who dowses that can double check your answers.  There are many dowsing clubs, but the American Society of Dowsers, Inc is one of most well known.

Happy Dowsing…

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