How to Use A Surrogate For Dog Or Animal Reiki

surrogate remote reiki healingHow do you do a remote Reiki treatment using a surrogate?  This is a common question I get because many people think that Reiki is hands on only.  There are many times that I use a surrogate in cases where putting my hands on the dog, cat or person is impossible.   Even in person, I will use a surrogate if the animal is in too much pain or is too distrusting for me to put my hands on them.

This is what I do that works wonders for me.  I use a small stuffed animal that fits nicely in my hands that I can send Reiki to while I am focusing on the recipient.  It is amazing to watch the dog, cat or horse’s reaction almost immediately when I start sending the energy.

Before I started using a small stuffed animal, I would simply put my hands out in front of me like I was holding the dog or pet in my hands and send the Reiki or energy that way.  But it became harder for me to actually focus on different parts of the body.  So the stuffed animal allows me to do my hand positions on the whole body at one time.  I start at the head, and work my way do the whole body.

Another way to use a surrogate is to do Reiki on a dog or cat, while sending the intent to another dog or cat at the same time.

Here is an example of an experience I had.  I was working at a barn one day that I had been to a number of times.  The horse I was working on was enjoying my work, and at the same time I was watching another horse in a paddock that I had worked on before.  As I had my hands on the horse I was working on, I was watching the horse in the paddock…and he was slowly falling asleep.

I was watching him, and I realized he was tuned in and was becoming oblivious to his surroundings.  He was falling fast asleep and was swaying and leaning and then all of a sudden he fell down.  I was so shocked to see that happen, that I had forgotten to “disconnect” from the horse that I had been working on.  Once I disconnected, the horse in the paddock immediately woke up and stood up and shook himself.  He look a bit embarrassed.

I ran over to him and checked him out and gave him a once over to make sure he was okay.  And informed the owner just in case something showed up later, but he was fine.  But the energy waves travel and other animals will most likely like to tune in and “catch the waves”.

For me it proved that these energy waves travel, and the animals that need the healing energy will tune in even if they don’t know what it is, or what it does, they innately understand it and are ready to receive.

However as a sidebar, it is a good idea to get people’s permission to send Reiki to them just in case they are driving and they get very relaxed during a long distance session…it is my suggestion to state the intent that you are sending Reiki for their highest good and that they will receive it at the most appropriate time for them.

I hope this will inspire you to try using a talisman or surrogate when using Reiki.  Reiki can be sent to animals in zoos, animal shelters, or any other place where pets or animals are housed and you aren’t able to put your hands on them.

Let me know if you have ever used a surrogate and what your experiences have been…I would be interested to hear them.




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