Is It Easy to Learn Reiki For Dogs and Other Animals?

761698I get asked the question many times if it is easy to learn Reiki for Dogs and other types of pets and animals and my answer is always yes.  Reiki for dogs is basically the same type of application it is for people but there are some distinct differences and I will list them below:

Reiki for Dogs utilizes our sixth sense when giving Reiki to them.  This means that when working on people, they can tell you where it hurts.  But with dogs we need to use our instincts and intuition to feel where to place our hands.  Many times when I am working on dogs, I allow my hands to go where they feel they need to be.

Reiki on dogs is different in that dogs can’t tell you whether they want you to touch them or not…so caution is always advised when approaching a dog you don’t know.  Always let them smell you first, and if it’s a shy dog, then turn away so they can approach you without feeling threatened.

If it’s a dog you don’t know, then I always advise students to make sure the owner is handling the dog, or supervising them during the Reiki session.  This will help ensure that the dog is under control at all times.  If a dog is in a lot of pain but is normally very friendly and sweet, they can react instinctively to pain by biting.

Learning how to give Reiki to a dog long distance requires being a level 2 Reiki practitioner.  It is very easy to learn, and many Reiki Masters will provide training for both level 1 and level 2.  It is only a matter of understanding how long distance reiki works, but it is very effective for treating dogs, as well as people.

If you are looking for traditional hand placements for dogs, you can follow the basic hand placements for humans.  But again for dogs, if there is an injury or serious ailment, it would probably be better to do a “hands off” or “remote” session so that the dog is not bothered by it.

Other animals and pets may benefit from Reiki too.  Cats love Reiki along with fish, reptiles and birds.  Wild birds can be given Reiki too.  My son and I witnessed an injured bird on our front patio.  It was very small and had hit its head on our window.  I picked it up and held it in my hands giving it Reiki, and my son stood back directing Reiki to it also.  We did what we could and I put it out by the bird feeder, and stood back inside the house and kept sending it healing energy.

We checked back about an hour later, and the bird had flown away.  We never found it’s remains, so we felt like it had made a full recovery.  It could barely stand and it looked dazed.  We were so excited when we saw that it had gone.

I shared the story to underline that all animals can benefit from both hands on and hands off Reiki.

Pet adoption centers and animal shelters can be sent Reiki as a whole if that is something you would like to pursue.  There are different ways to project and send Reiki to groups, but my favorite is to write down the organization on a piece of paper and just make a note that says, and “to all the dogs and cats that need Reiki healing”.  You can either hold the piece of paper and see Reiki to them, or you can place it on a crystal healing gridthat has been programmed to continuously send Reiki healing.

Here is a book I recommend that can be purchased on Amazon:

If you have used Reiki for dogs and have an experience you would like to share, please feel free to comment below…

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