Reiki and Psychic Attachments in Dogs

Reiki Dogs and psychic attachmentReiki has been used for many years for many types of ailments.  One particular topic is not discussed very widely when it comes to animals or dogs.  And that is the topic of psychic attachments.

Psychic attachments can be spirits of other dogs that have died and have not yet crossed over.  Some of these spirits can be waiting along side roads where they might have been hit by a car, or they can be in veterinary offices where they were euthanized.  Many of these types of spirits are only looking for a way to crossover to the spirit world and didn’t have any help during their transition.

Reiki can be used to help dogs when transitioning from the physical world to the spiritual world.  For instance, if you have a friend who is tortured by the prospect of putting their beloved pet to sleep, it can be very helpful to assist the transition by doing Reiki on the owner and the pet.  It can be done either in person, or long distance.

Another aspect of this phenomenon is that when you take your dog to places where you know a dog has been put to sleep or had a fatal accident, it would be wise to protect yourself and your dog by doing the Reiki Symbols as a protection so that you don’t pick up any unwanted spirits.  These spirits do not mean any harm, but they can transfer their pain or ailments to your dog.  This can be a rare sickness or behavioral changes that appear out of the blue.

Asking for spiritual protection for you and your dog, can go along ways for keeping yourself healthy.

I have a client whose dog came down very sick for no apparent reason.  And every time she takes her dog to the vet, the dog acts sick even though she acts very well at home.  I dowsed on the situation and the dog showed me how she is picking up on the negativity of other dogs that have passed through the office.  She also seems to pick up attachments from other spirits.  She perks up after a spiritual clearing.

There are many techniques that can be used for spiritual clearing.  One technique was developed by Machaelle Small Wright in her book regarding her  “coning process”  or known as the Medical Assistance Program.  I use this program when I have an emergency and don’t have time to put a ritual together.  I call on the emergency MAP team to help whoever needs it quickly.  It can be used for pets, adults, or children.

Symptoms of a psychic attachment are sudden changes in behavior by being aggressive, angry, belligerent, or shows sudden signs of illness for no apparent reason.  These same symptoms can be see in people too.  I work with people, horses and dogs that exhibit symptoms of psychic attachments, and very quickly after a clearing, their moods improve and their health returns.

A helpful tip when passing a animal that was hit by a car, is to send a quick prayer or send Reiki with the intention that “they are blessed and to go in peace to God”.   I do this every time I pass a dog, cat, squirrel or rabbit in the road.  I know their physical remains are just a shell, but their spirit has been released and it is my wish that they are in a place of peace and wellness.

Machaelle Small Wright has also written a book regarding flower essences.  She has amazing gardens where she grows beautiful flowers.  It is a very spiritual place, but she shares her techniques in the book called The Perelandra Essences.    This link will take you to many of Machaelle Small Wright’s books that are available on Amazon.

Reiki can be used to charge flower essences, and it can be used in clearing psychic attachments too.  My suggestion is always to work in the highest good, and always protect and ground yourself before working on others.  It is just like when you are flying in an airplane.  Mothers are instructed to put their oxygen mask on first before attending to their children.  It is the same when working with energy and protecting yourself.  You must be  clear and protected before working in the energy field of others.

Reiki blessings and hope this information helps you and your loved ones.




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2 comments for “Reiki and Psychic Attachments in Dogs

  1. August 29, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Hi there, I tried contacting you before.Not sure whether you received the email. My Cocker Spaniel has just had a growth removed in his anal gland four weeks ago, We are not sure on what treatment we will give him, What want to ask you is…he is attaching very strange he keeps looking up around him like something is there and constant licking him self , I give him reiki. I am very new to this and haven’t got expertise on this so Im not sure whats happening.before he was poorly we had times when he was acting strange but these have increase no end .Wonder if you give me so advice. Im thinking of getting him so see a animal communicator. Hope your be able to help, Ollie 9 years old . Kind Regards Jane Wilson

  2. reikigal
    August 29, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Yes it does sound like he has some sort of entity around him. You need someone who can clear entities and attachments. You can send me an email for more information. In the mean time keep doing Reiki and ask his guide and angels to clear his etheric body and do an aura cleanse as well as balance the chakras. Hope this helps.

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