Reiki Ethics and Confidentiality

Reiki ethics about a Reiki SessionAs a Reiki Practitioner, have you been asked by either a relative or a client to work on somebody or something without having direct permission from the receiver?

Reiki Ethics: For a Relative

You get a phone call from an Aunt or Uncle, even a sister that they want you to do a remote or long distance Reiki session on their son or daughter.  Technically, if they are the legal guardians of the child and the child is under 18, then they have the right to give you permission to send Reiki to that child.  If it is an adult child or relative, then ask their higher consciousness for permission.

Now, once you do the session, and your intuitive side of you picks up messages, what do you do with those messages?  Do you give them directly to the mother or father and let them process them?  Depending on the messages, or images you pick up, how much are obligated to tell them?

In my experience, when I have worked on relatives and their children without talking directly to the recipient, I feel like the reason I am getting the messages is for the recipient to allow me to help them more clearly.  If it is a message that I feel will directly help that person, and a family member should know, then I share the feeling I am getting.

For instance, you are doing Reiki on an adult relative, and you feel that it is in their highest good to seek professional help  by either a doctor or someone in a specialized capacity that would be able to better serve this persons health, then I will relate my feelings or impressions to the relative who can relay this message.  If the relative doesn’t want to tell the other person that they should go see somebody because their “healer cousin” said so, then they can offer it as a helpful piece of advice.

But if you get messages that may compromise a relationship between two parties, then it is better that you not share the messages.  Those direct messages are given to you in a way for you to be better able to identify a problem.

For instance, you are working on an adult or teenager, and you are getting feelings of depression or anxiety and loss of self worth, then directing Reiki toward those feelings and whatever situation that could have caused them would better serve the recipient than telling the relative how horrible this person feels.

If you feel that the person feels suicidal, then you can offer the suggestion that maybe this person is feeling helpless, and needs to seek professional counseling, without going into all the details of what you picked up on.  There isn’t any need to create drama or anxiety with the relative.  They are already worried.  But sending Reiki to help those feelings are quite fine.  In fact you don’t even have to know all the details, you can send Reiki to the feelings and whatever caused them.

Reiki Ethics:  For a Pet

I was called to work on a horse that was having some physical issues.  I was working in front of an audience of people that were all familiar with each other.  The horse was very confused, and had been badly treated in the past.

During the session, the message he kept giving me was that he wanted to be a good boy.  He kept telling me he wanted to be good, but it seemed that the trainer and owner didn’t think he was trying.  He was being misunderstood.  He was purchased to perform certain things, and he wasn’t able to do it physically.  During the session, I explained to the current owner that horse wants to be good, but he physically couldn’t do it.  It felt like it was a previous injury that was preventing him from working.

His most recent previous owner immediately became defensive and wanted to make sure everyone knew it wasn’t her that had done that to him.  And the current owner was a little defensive about why she wanted him to perform and was being bit demanding.  So I had two dynamics going at the same time.  I could not fully disclose the pictures and feelings  I was getting from the horse about the previous owners just in case somebody knew something, and I couldn’t tell the current owner she wasn’t being fair.

So diplomatically, I had to explain, that he is really trying and that he really wants to be good.   The current owner thought I was performing some kind of trick where I could make the horse look sore before my session, and then make him look better afterwards.

About a year later, the previous owner of this horse called me and told me this horse and just died suddenly with no known cause.  The owner had walked out to her yard, and he was dead in the paddock.

This previous owner wanted me to check-in with the horse so I could see how the horse had died.  She wanted me to determine if the horse had died from natural causes or abuse.

From my own ethics, I did not think it was right to try and tune in and try to determine how the horse had died.  It would not benefit the horse, or the lady who called me.   I tried to explain to her that I wouldn’t feel right about going behind the current owners back and do that since she didn’t have permission from the current owner to call me.  But she used the reasoning that she had been his owner and she still loved him.  I asked for spiritual guidance on how to relieve this sweet lady of her grief and reassure her at the same time.  I told her it felt like it was something nobody would have known, and it was his time to leave this physical plane.  She continued to ask me if it was from negligence or anything else, and I again told her I wouldn’t know about that, and that it wasn’t ethically right for me to check in on that without the owners permission.

Reiki Sessions: How Much To Tell

I feel that the best way to inform relatives and pet owners about the Reiki sessions and the messages you get, is in general terms and only if it is in the highest good of all for a suggestion to be made to get more help.  Sometimes giving too much information in order to prove that you know what you are talking about, will only cause the client to become more worried.  I always reassure my clients that Reiki will always work in the areas that are needed, whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual, it will always work to the highest good.

It is not our place as Reiki practitioners to diagnose, give medical advice, or make assumptions about the messages we receive.  The only time I give detailed messages are to the recipient, and that is usually in private.  Or to the pet owner, in private.  I will give them the option of whether or not they want my feelings or impressions about the healing session.  I ask if they want to know about the messages I am getting.

I hope this helps you in your Reiki business.

If you have any suggestions, or stories you would like to share, be sure to leave a comment below.



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