Reiki Tips For Dogs Who Need It

Reiki for dogsGiving Reiki to your dog can be so rewarding.  There are so many reasons and circumstances for giving Reiki to your dog.  The the list is extensive, but let me give a few examples of how Reiki can help dogs with thunder, abandonment and anxiety problems. Reiki works through the energy field of the animal and works at much deeper levels than we can even conceive.  Since dogs don’t have any preconceived ideas about Reiki, they can be the most open to healing.  This article will help the reader to understand the benefits of doing Reiki on dogs with trauma issues.

Dogs that are afraid of thunder, fireworks, gun shots, or any other loud noises can really benefit from Reiki.  It could have happened when they were puppies, a loud noise that scared them so deeply, that they felt that flight or fight survival feeling.  That’s what happens to dogs that are afraid of loud noises, they will run, hide, jump or do anything out the ordinary to try and escape the situation.

By doing Reiki on them before the situation occurs, can help alot with alleviating any cellular trauma that might have been associated with the loud noises.  Regular Reiki sessions can help in long term recovery.  Try not to wait until the situation occurs.

If the loud noise occurs unexpectedly, be prepared to wrap your dog securely with a t-shirt and ace bandage.  This will help your canine friend to feel secure and safe.  If you want something that works really well, you can buy the anxiety wrap for dogs here.

With the anxiety wrap combined with Reiki, you can go along way in helping your dog recover from the deep anxiety of loud noises.

Reiki can help dogs with abandonment issues.  Working around the heart chakra will help the dog release the fear of being left alone.  It may take a few sessions to see a complete recovery, but you will begin to see the changes happen over a course of a few weeks.  Make sure to combine Reiki with other anti-anxiety methods, for instance, crate training and giving your dogs things to do to occupy themselves.  Safe chew toys or bones give the dogs something physical to do when they are anxious.

And finally Reiki charged healing stones work great for helping to relieve stress and fear in dogs with high levels of anxiety.  Many times these stones have been specially charged with the Reiki energy, and then can be simply attached to the dog collar.  The charm or healing stone doesn’t have to be touching the dog because they are within the energy field of the dog.

Homeopathic remedies and Bach Flower essences are extremely beneficial for animals and pets in that they are also working through the energy field and affecting your pets body in many beneficial ways.  Charging your dog’s food with Reiki while it is being prepared can be extremely beneficial.  Drawing the Power and Mental symbols on the bottom of the food bowl will always ensure the food is charged with Reiki.

It is my hope that you have found these tips helpful for you and your dog, cat or horse friend.  All these methods can be helpful with any animal that experiences, anxiety, fear and along with abandonment issues.  It might be difficult getting a horse inside a dog crate, but all other methods work very well.

Reiki Blessings,

Karen Krueger, EBW, Reiki Master



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  1. Sarah P.
    October 25, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    I had a dog that was afraid of thunder. I wished I had known about some of these tricks back then. Thanks for sharing.

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