Reiki for Relationships

Many times I have clients that are having relationship problems and with the stress that many folks are enduring lately, it’s no wonder that relationships are suffering.  Reiki can be used for relationships for family members, either close or extended.  It can be used for relationships at work, or school.  It can even be used for relationships between people and their pets, or pets with other pets.

Reiki healing can be used for any type of relationship.  Many times as humans, only think of our human relationships.  Relating to our pets, or to other people can be a big part of our relationship problems.

Now, I am not going to go into chakra balancing, or past agreements, or a lot of the other stuff that kind of clutters our mind.  We only have to concentrate on what our goal is…and that is to heal the relationship.

There is a little disclaimer here, and that is…we are not manipulating anyone else’s free will.  Their subconscious will either accept or reject the healing, and it is not in our power to change anyone or anybody.  We are only asking for the energy to shift, and become in alignment for the highest good of all.   If it doesn’t shift, it is not your fault, or the fault of the other person.  Maybe there is a deeper reason the relationship is the way it is.

To start with, if you are already attuned to Reiki, think or draw the Reiki Symbols, and then think of the individuals surrounded by Reiki.  If you are not attuned to Reiki, then just by reading these words, using the power of love, send loving thoughts to the relationship between the two people, or pets.  Reiki can even be sent to a whole building, or office of people for the highest good for healing relationships.

Just to give an example, my mother was in the hospital, and they wouldn’t let me in to see her.  The nurse was grumpy and I knew my mother needed help.  But I was sent to the waiting room until the new shift had made their rounds.  So while I was sitting in the waiting room, I sent healing energy to the whole hospital, and I included all the patients, all the nurses, doctors, staff and anyone else that would benefit from the healing energy.  I just sent the power of love, joy and harmony to everyone that would benefit and be willing to receive it.

Ten minutes later, the nurse came into the waiting room with a smile on her face, and cheerfully told me I could visit my mother.  And it turned out my mother had been freezing all night, and the nurse didn’t know how to adjust her thermostat.  I went directly to the nurses station and asked if someone could help me, and she quickly came in and adjusted the thermostat, and got my mother a warm blanket.  It was a complete change in attitude.

Healing relationships can work with animals too.  Gently holding an animal and sending it Reiki silently, or even sending it love, can do wonders with healing past trauma, and abuse that many times affects how animals respond to humans.

Please feel free to use this technique and let me know how it works for you.  You can post a comment below.

Reiki Blessings…



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