Reiki for Shelter Animals

Reiki for Shelter AnimalsDo you volunteer at local shelters?  Have you thought about it?  If you haven’t thought about, it’s a wonderful way to give back to your community as well as to the wonderful dogs and cats that need homes.  Most shelters are begging for volunteers, and if you have the gift of Reiki or other modalities that will benefit the dogs, cats and horses, they will absolutely be glad to have you.

There are shelters that are not familiar with Reiki, so starting out as a dog walker, or socializing volunteer will help you get your foot in the door, and then teach the employees or director what Reiki is and how it can benefit the animals that really need it.

How Reiki Can Help Shelter Animals

Many dogs and cats that end up in shelters are turned over by owners that can no longer keep their pets, or they have been abandoned or dumped along country roads.  In any case, the animals are confused, or feel abandoned being kept in a cage without understanding what has happened to them.

Abused dogs, cats, or any type of abused or neglected animal can benefit from Reiki.  Reiki can help them adjust to their new life.  Reiki will also help the animals overcome past traumas and injuries much quicker.

I have found that when doing Reiki or energy healing, your intuition becomes heightened.  You will start picking up words, or feelings and even smells.  While you are helping the dogs or cats in the shelter, don’t be surprised if you experience emotions that aren’t yours.  You will be entering the field of animal communication through the energy healing work.

If this happens during a Reiki session, mentally take the dog or cat or horse back in time when they were happy, and life was good, and they were healthy.  Erase the negative feelings, experiences, and hurts that they experienced, and tell them it’s okay to release those thoughts and beliefs and bring them to the now where they are loved and being helped.

Reiki For An Abused Horse

I worked for a rescue organization for a short time working with horses.  There were 14 horses that had been starved from food and water.  Only one of the 14 was saved.  It was a cute Arabian mare that wouldn’t let anyone touch her other than the owner of the rescue.  The horse wouldn’t lay down, and wouldn’t relax.  She was very nervous and high anxiety.  She also had a condition called Heaves which makes the horse sound like they have a hard time breathing and they make a loud rasping noise when they are being exercised.  It can be associated  with the lungs and heart due to improper stabling conditions or dusty padocks.

When I first saw this horse, she was very nervous and not trusting, but as soon as I started doing Reiki on her, she relaxed.  My hand position started near her lungs and heart, and then I worked up to her neck and throat.  Then I worked along her back and down her spine.  During the session, her head dropped to knee level.  The handler said she had never seen her drop her head, let alone drop it that low.

She was so relaxed, and sleepy during the session.  It was the first time in a long time, she felt like she could relax and feel trusting.  After the 45 minute session, the handler lead the horse back to her stall and this time she walked calmly and was lifting her hind legs up as if she was feeling them for the first time.

The rescue owner called me the next day, and said the mare went back to her paddock and laid down for the first time, and actually slept.  Then the next day, she was still calm, and now will let anyone approach her and put her halter on.  In addition to that, she said that when she got ridden, her heaves had improved tremendously.

How to Give Reiki To Dogs or Cats In A Shelter

This is the good you can do for dogs or cats too.  If a dog in a shelter seems shy or distrustful, keep your distance, but get down to their level.  Let them approach you.  Many times, the dogs that really need the work, will come and lay next to you, or within just a few inches for you to either do hands on or long distance.  If you feel self-conscious about doing the long distance work, people don’t need to know what your doing.  It is all a matter of thought!

The symbols can be drawn mentally and the Reiki can be sent mentally,  just by placing your hands on your own legs or knees, you can be sending the Reiki where the pet that needs it.  While brushing, you can be sending Reiki to the animal.  You can even program brushes, beds or toys to send Reiki 24/7 without anyone else knowing what you are doing.

If you want to share your Reiki knowledge with others, just be aware that many people don’t understand what it is, and they may be resistant to the idea.  Don’t let that bother you, the animals know and understand what it is, and they will benefit from it regardless of what others think.

If you volunteer at a shelter, or work with abused animals using Reiki, please leave a comment describing your experience.


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