Reiki Services

Reiki Services By Karen Krueger, Reiki Master

Reiki Grid Karen Krueger

Reiki Grid under the magnification of a copper pyramid. The grid is a combination of the sacred Flower of Life and the Reiki Antahkarana symbol under the double terminated center crystal. All the crystals are charged with Reiki energy and transmit Reiki continuously.

Karen is available to send Reiki to your pet and can be contacted by sending an email to  Payment can be made by using the paypal buttons below for the desired Reiki session.

Reiki can be sent on a continuous basis for acute illness or injury for an additional charge which is separate from an individualized phone session.

Continuous Reiki is sent through a crystal healing grid that is individualized for your pet.  Each day I recharge the grid to continue sending healing energy.

What is required:

The name, age, gender and type of healing session requested, either phone session or continuous healing.  A picture is not necessary but can help in some cases.


 1 hour phone Session $60.00

Continuous Reiki for a Week $100.00 

Continuous Reiki for a Month $360.00 (10% discount)

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