Reiki for Dogs and Cats in Shelters

Dog in shelterReiki Greetings to all the cat and dog lovers who want to share Reiki with their pets or pets that have been surrendered to shelters.

Recently I had a very special reader ask me some questions about using Reiki in a shelter situation.  The questions and answers would also pertain to anyone who is using Reiki for their pets at home.

The questions pertain to cats she visits weekly in a shelter in Australia.  She is concerned about how often, how much, and ways to communicate by using Reiki… the questions and answers are listed below:

Q: Is once a week often enough to make a difference since that is the only time allowed to visit the shelter?

A: Yes, once a week is often enough.  But many times we limit ourselves with our belief that Reiki only works during the time we are giving the treatment.  But by using our intention and changing our belief that the Reiki will continue working until the next time we are able to visit, is enough to change that limitation.

If you have subscribed to my newsletter, you will have seen examples of programming items that can continue to transmit healing energy.  Even if you aren’t attuned to Reiki II to Reiki Master, you can still use the intention that the bed, or toys, or anything the cat or dog come in contact with will continue to transmit the healing energy.  You can program to continue into eternity, or until the next visit.  It is only limited by your thoughts.

Q: If I am working on one animal, do all the other cats (or dogs) get healing too? I find it hard with so many cats, to feel that I have helped all in need.

A: You most certainly are creating a “wave” of energy that any of the other cats (or dogs) will catch.  The next time you are doing an individual session look around and see what the other cats are doing.  Are they sleeping? Yawning? Looking off into space with their ears a little cocked?

When I am in working in a stable of horses, I can’t tell you how many times I will look around, and see them yawning, laying down napping, or standing in a corner dozing or staring off into space.  I know they “caught the wave” and it makes me chuckle with joy.

One time while I was working on a horse, I watched another horse catch the wave so good, that when I was done with the horse I was working on, the horse next door stretched his legs like he had been asleep.

Because horses are more of a herd animal, they are more in tune with their neighbors, but cats will definitely be sensitive to the energy, and you will see the look and the expression to know they have caught the wave.

If you want to send Reiki to a group of pets, put them all in a “imaginary basket” and send healing to that basket. You don’t need validation…just trust it is working.

Q: How to communicate with the pet through Reiki?

A: The animal communication sometimes just comes with time, or it is only a matter of being in tune with your body.  When I first started using Reiki on pets, dogs, cats, horses, and even people, I would feel a corresponding pain in my body.  For instance, if I was working around the throat, I might feel my throat get tight or scratchy.  Or if I am working on the back, I might feel my neck get a “kink” in it.  Then I would know that they need attention in those areas.  That is how I use it for body communication.

For emotional communication, I might get a tight feeling in my chest like a feeling of fear, or anxiety, then I send Reiki to that emotion.  I don’t need to know what caused the fear or anxiety, but sometimes these guys like to talk, and you might get a “word” that pops in your head.  Or maybe a picture of something.  Don’t discount this as nonsense…if it feels real, then it usually is.

Sometimes they don’t want to talk about it.  It was too scary, and that’s okay.  Send healing.  It will help.

Q: How to send distant Reiki, and how to know if it is working?

A: Most people believe that they need to be attuned to Reiki II in order to send long distance Reiki.   It is my belief that if you have been attuned to the first level of Reiki you can still send Reiki long distance.  Reiki, or any type of healing is like focused intent, and therefore can be sent as quickly as a thought of perfect balance and alignment in mind, body and soul for the person or pet you are sending healing for.  In other words, if you are of pure intent, and wish to sending healing to another person, all you have to do ask for it to be so.

For the second part of the question, how do you know if it is working, there can be obvious indications of healing if you have someone who can relay the information back to you.  If you don’t have the luxury of human feedback, then just sit quietly and ask to feel how the person or pet is feeling by using your own body for signals.  If you all of a sudden don’t feel well, you will know it’s coming from the recipient, and then you will have an “inner knowing” where the pet or person needs additional healing.

If on the other hand, you feel well, and it feels as if they feel well, and you feel a lightness in your heart, then trust that the healing is taking place.

Q:  Can distant Reiki be sent using a burning candle (sending the healing as long as the candle burns)?

A: I like this one.  I would recommend white candles for the purity of white light and healing. Many times I would write the name of the person or pet on a piece of paper and put it under the candle so I would know for sure that the pet I was intending it for, would get it.

Q:  Sending Reiki to animals in spirit – do they need it, or would one simply send love?

Sending Reiki for a pet that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, is a wonderful gift to give them, it will help them in closing their time here.  But be assured, they are no longer in pain, and will have the freedom of their spirit bodies.  Depending on the reason for the crossing, if it was from abuse or torment, sending healing will most definitely help them. Send them a blessing of love and light for the next journey to the physical world.

Q:  Any specific Reiki healing for dying animals?

The Reiki healing will go to where it needs to go…sometimes it just helps them with easing pain and suffering.  Feeling the sense of love, whether it’s in person or long distance can do a lot for an animal or pet that is in the transition process.  What a kind and loving way of helping them crossover.

I hope this helps in answering the questions regarding Reiki for pets and animals.  And thank you to all that are lightworkers and healers that help the animals and pets in need. You are treasured!

Reiki Blessings…





Dog and Cat Relationships with Reiki

Reiki For Pets Karen KruegerI just wanted to share this with everyone. This is my Standard Poodle Kira who is about 15 years old. She is the motherly type, and the kitty in the video is our 2 year old rescue kitty. He was so afraid of Kira when he was a kitten, but Kira really wanted to be friends with him. Tigger, our kitty was taken away from his mother when he was only 8 weeks old, so he really missed having a mom to nurse on. It only took a week or two and he was best friends with Kira.

Now they are best friends. I couldn’t resist sharing this video with you. Thanks for watching…

Reiki for Relationships

Many times I have clients that are having relationship problems and with the stress that many folks are enduring lately, it’s no wonder that relationships are suffering.  Reiki can be used for relationships for family members, either close or extended.  It can be used for relationships at work, or school.  It can even be used for relationships between people and their pets, or pets with other pets.

Reiki healing can be used for any type of relationship.  Many times as humans, only think of our human relationships.  Relating to our pets, or to other people can be a big part of our relationship problems.

Now, I am not going to go into chakra balancing, or past agreements, or a lot of the other stuff that kind of clutters our mind.  We only have to concentrate on what our goal is…and that is to heal the relationship.

There is a little disclaimer here, and that is…we are not manipulating anyone else’s free will.  Their subconscious will either accept or reject the healing, and it is not in our power to change anyone or anybody.  We are only asking for the energy to shift, and become in alignment for the highest good of all.   If it doesn’t shift, it is not your fault, or the fault of the other person.  Maybe there is a deeper reason the relationship is the way it is.

To start with, if you are already attuned to Reiki, think or draw the Reiki Symbols, and then think of the individuals surrounded by Reiki.  If you are not attuned to Reiki, then just by reading these words, using the power of love, send loving thoughts to the relationship between the two people, or pets.  Reiki can even be sent to a whole building, or office of people for the highest good for healing relationships.

Just to give an example, my mother was in the hospital, and they wouldn’t let me in to see her.  The nurse was grumpy and I knew my mother needed help.  But I was sent to the waiting room until the new shift had made their rounds.  So while I was sitting in the waiting room, I sent healing energy to the whole hospital, and I included all the patients, all the nurses, doctors, staff and anyone else that would benefit from the healing energy.  I just sent the power of love, joy and harmony to everyone that would benefit and be willing to receive it.

Ten minutes later, the nurse came into the waiting room with a smile on her face, and cheerfully told me I could visit my mother.  And it turned out my mother had been freezing all night, and the nurse didn’t know how to adjust her thermostat.  I went directly to the nurses station and asked if someone could help me, and she quickly came in and adjusted the thermostat, and got my mother a warm blanket.  It was a complete change in attitude.

Healing relationships can work with animals too.  Gently holding an animal and sending it Reiki silently, or even sending it love, can do wonders with healing past trauma, and abuse that many times affects how animals respond to humans.

Please feel free to use this technique and let me know how it works for you.  You can post a comment below.

Reiki Blessings…



Reiki and Psychic Attachments in Dogs

Reiki Dogs and psychic attachmentReiki has been used for many years for many types of ailments.  One particular topic is not discussed very widely when it comes to animals or dogs.  And that is the topic of psychic attachments.

Psychic attachments can be spirits of other dogs that have died and have not yet crossed over.  Some of these spirits can be waiting along side roads where they might have been hit by a car, or they can be in veterinary offices where they were euthanized.  Many of these types of spirits are only looking for a way to crossover to the spirit world and didn’t have any help during their transition.

Reiki can be used to help dogs when transitioning from the physical world to the spiritual world.  For instance, if you have a friend who is tortured by the prospect of putting their beloved pet to sleep, it can be very helpful to assist the transition by doing Reiki on the owner and the pet.  It can be done either in person, or long distance.

Reiki Ethics and Confidentiality

Reiki ethics about a Reiki SessionAs a Reiki Practitioner, have you been asked by either a relative or a client to work on somebody or something without having direct permission from the receiver?

Reiki Ethics: For a Relative

You get a phone call from an Aunt or Uncle, even a sister that they want you to do a remote or long distance Reiki session on their son or daughter.  Technically, if they are the legal guardians of the child and the child is under 18, then they have the right to give you permission to send Reiki to that child.  If it is an adult child or relative, then ask their higher consciousness for permission.

Reiki for Shelter Animals

Reiki for Shelter AnimalsDo you volunteer at local shelters?  Have you thought about it?  If you haven’t thought about, it’s a wonderful way to give back to your community as well as to the wonderful dogs and cats that need homes.  Most shelters are begging for volunteers, and if you have the gift of Reiki or other modalities that will benefit the dogs, cats and horses, they will absolutely be glad to have you.

There are shelters that are not familiar with Reiki, so starting out as a dog walker, or socializing volunteer will help you get your foot in the door, and then teach the employees or director what Reiki is and how it can benefit the animals that really need it.