Turning On The Power Of Reiki

A quick tip for turning on the power of Reiki for long distance healing.

If you are struggling with using Reiki for long distance healing, and it’s hard for you to focus…then this quick tip might help you with your Reiki techniques.

Really try concentrating on learning your symbols. Write them out, and practice saying them so they become natural to you. Then you won’t be so worried about using the symbols. Many people get hung up on remembering what they look like and what they sound like. Using them often and visualizing what they look like, will help you in sending long distance Reiki.

Get a notebook, and sit down and just practice them like doodling. Just 10 minutes a day, and within a week, you will have them down pat. And then I decorated a gourd bowl with the symbols, and put all the names of people and pets I wanted to work on at one time, on separate pieces of paper. Then I could hold the bowl with all the people inside of it, and softly say the symbols while sending the long distance Reiki.

Hope this tip helps you in your Reiki endeavors…


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