What Is Reiki For Horses?

What is ReikiMany times people have heard of Reiki, but have not heard how it is used for horses. Horses may suffer from many ailments that are really similar to humans.  Horses are very open to the healing energy of Reiki and that’s why Reiki is very beneficial in helping the horse in injury recoveries.

During my work as an equine body worker, I have seen Reiki instantly help a horse recover from headaches, lameness issues, as well as emotional calming.

When you turn on the Reiki healing, horses will many times respond instantly to the calming healing effect.

Spooking and head shaking can be eliminated or reduced through consistent Reiki sessions.

It doesn’t take any special training to learn how to give Reiki to horses, or any other pet or loved one in your life.

Reiki for horses that suffer from back pain and bad saddle fitting could alleviate spinal misalignments.  Even doing Reiki on the saddle can help the saddle feel better to the horse.

Using Reiki on the horse’s legs is a wonderful way to help speed the healing and recovery for bowed tendons, or suspensory injuries.  I have actually seen how the recovery time is cut in half when Reiki is used on horse injuries.

It is amazing to watch and see how the horses eyes will close and the breathing changes during a Reiki session.  It makes my heart sing to see the healing effects of Reiki.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Reiki for horses or other people and pets, be sure to sign up for my free Reiki manual and training here.

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